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1 day ago

Graeme Manietta

Mounting into the sierra ... See MoreSee Less

Mounting into the sierra

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What the mileage and speed of this ?

Would love to put one in Mg midget

Arată bine!

On a 180 ah battery bout 100 k

Nice work man . I like your work .

But imposible to rum 100km per 180AH battary

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Is there a really good how to guide that outlines the "simple" main concepts and components of a conversion?
I'm very new to this...
... See MoreSee Less

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Ev4u on the net has some good stuff

You tube diy electric bike. Same bits for a car. That guy laid it out REALLY simply

Guys name is benjaminnelson. 'Build your own electric motorcycle'


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2 days ago

Graeme Manietta

Adaptor done ... See MoreSee Less

Adaptor done

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What method do you have for aligning the transmission spigot?

a lathe

stepped a recess in for the spigot .. cant go wrong

The reason I bring it up is because Ive seen misalignments that were not obvious until the transmission was loaded, when grinding gears and popping out of first revealed itself only once under load, the clutch plate is able to micro align once under load, and solid coupling can not.

done like doz this way .. never been a problem.. driving my own now 8 years like this

if youve seen misalignments they were done by someone who did not have a clue 🙂

2 different "professionals" and one local engineering shop which charged $880 for the adapter plate. 3 cars in total. some transmissions are more sensitive than others, though transmission efficiency will always suffer from a partial misalignment.

hmm well there ya go

3 from 3 led me to believe doing away with the clutch was a bad idea. Speaking to Automotive Engineers reinforced this belief. What do you see is the advantage to ditching the clutch?

Canada Electric Vehicles have been doing EV Conversions for 30 years , with and without clutch , if anyone knows they do & they see no advantage for doing a conversion without clutch , the mass of flywheel / clutch has no detrimental effect. they just leave the clutch inplace now , it has many advantages & no disadvantages , The clutch will never wear out in an EV conversion as you never have to ride / slip the clutch . Its main advantage is to minimise misalignment problems , allow easy gear change & as a safety feature (fuse so to speak) I thought of doing away with mine but glad I did not esp when changing transfer case from low to high ratio & back again. Also I have tried changing gear without the clutch (shyncro box) & it takes a good 30 seconds for the gears to match speed by which time the car has lost momentum to have made the gear change not worthwhile. With clutch gear change is a thoughtless process. Im no expert but in my opinion the only time I would not use a clutch is if I bolted motor direct to Transfer Case (eliminating the gearbox) which I'll do in my next conversion. With your regen backed off to sensible levels its no harder on a gearbox than normal engine retardation/ braking, especially in 1:1 (4th on most boxes) as it bypasses the layshaft. however my Landrover gearbox is rattly in 3rd from excessive retardation . bottom of this page on Canev view on clutch

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2 days ago

Nathan Ferdinands

Hi All, thanks for the add to the group. Graeme Manietta, I've just send you a PM ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

Graeme Manietta

Doing an ev conversion to this sierra. 96v 500 amp 🙂 will keep updating progress ... See MoreSee Less

Doing an ev conversion to this sierra. 96v 500 amp :-) will keep updating progress

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Awesome. Where u at?




Is that the ac kit on ya website?


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5 days ago

Ricky Lee

Where can I buy an adaptor plate to mate an electric motor with a 2010 manual Toyota Yaris? Or is this something that I have to have manufactured? ... See MoreSee Less

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Geoff O Toole?

Check online, they’re a world car, so no doubt someone makes them. Just depends on price plus shipping

Isn't there a conversion shop in Townsville?

yup ev north .. micheal lunn 0424877813

Yes, I can make that for you in my workshop. I do have stocks of motors as well

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4 days ago

Gary Smith

So I've got access to several 36v forklift motors, and also a variety of 3phase industrial motors ranging up to 25hp before they get too big.

Any advice? Can the 3 phase ones be used?
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The 3 phase ones can be used with a commercial controller or industrial controller (VFD) which maybe you have access to as well. Motors ideally would be 400V star / 230V delta 15-20kW and 4 pole (direct drive) or 2 pole (through gearbox). MX-5: Suziki Sierra Toyota Hilux

I'd love to see more recycling of old AC ind units

They were labeled 4 pole.. more info than that wasn't available 😢😢 im assuming 440v or whatever the standard is for 3ph

1 week ago

Brad Baker

Thank you for the addition! I am hoping to do a Beetle conversion soon and after info about parts/kits do’s/don’t etc. any information gladly received. Thanks in advance ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi , can do easy as.. Email me

Ev west in the US has a kit for doing bugs of the shelf complete setup

6 days ago

Brendon Poole

Got my shunt display working!! Showing volts (top) and amps (bottom) ... See MoreSee Less

Got my shunt display working!! Showing volts (top) and amps (bottom)

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Hello, Could you please share the link to buy one? By the way the dashboard look great!

I recognise that display! how you verified the accuracy? what happens when you exceed the 9999w limit of the display?


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ah the famed tennis ball drive 😉 thats humongous

Graeme, these look really interesting pics. Are you able to at least put a couple of words describing them?

Ohhh i want to build a 1963 morris mini EV So badly

This from Stefan?

Hi , doing a conversion on a Mazda RX8 .. 450V 50a/h lithium pack , probably add another set later to make it 100 a/h .. Tritium Wavesculpter 300 amp controller , Brusa charger.. the owner found a Holden Volt being wrecked so scored the DC to DC , j1772 inlt plug and the electric Air Con pump ( thinking of making it reverse cycle for heater demister)

That was Tim Bates stuff wasn't it?

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